A little boy cried today. He was fatherless, with a mother who worked endless hours just to make ends meet while raising three kids fahtered by three different men. No guidance, he was alone to raise himself and worry about life, things he should not think about at such a young age. As his mother walks into the dark livingroom where her son sits sobbing,  his mother softly spoke to him. 
"Baby, why all the tears?"
The little boy looked up to her mother with tears in his eyes. His heart was broken. At such a young age he had already given up on life. As he looked at his mother carry on in these pointless relationships and struggle to provide such little for him and his siblings, he said, "...for I have failed."
The mother looked at her young child, knowing not what to say, she replied how was this so. With so much pain in his voice and snot running down his face, the little boy explained, "I have failed because you, as a parent, have failed..."
The mother walked away from her child without a word. She knew that what he said was true. With no education, the active fathers and no real chance, she had failed him just like her parents have failed her. To weak minded to make a change and with to much pride to hold her hurting child, she simply walked away and excaped to the one place she has grown to depend on... nothing at all. (History has repeated itself)

Make sense?